Some Progress

Had a chance the other day to read through some RC-50 workshops that I downloaded from the BOSS site shortly after I bought the loop station. Since I have no need to pull the GR-30 out of the studio until the 30th I’ll be setting the two of them up today and starting to work with the basics of getting a drumbeat down on the looper from the guitar synth.

Once I have a good feel for that I’ll begin working on overdubs for the song.

Once I’m moving in the right direction with all of that I’ll be getting my hands on a webcam and starting to do the actual video.

The Saga Begins

So today on my regular blog I posted my plans for entering the previously mentioned Roland Guitar Synthesizer Challenge.

I’ve set up a new YouTube SoaringSpider channel in preparation for posting the first of (possibly several) non-entry videos prior to (hopefully) posting an entry.

And I suppose I may post other videos not related to the challenge. After all, it’s my channel and I’ll post if I want to.

So anyhow, this is my first progress post. I haven’t worked on the video yet but have all the pieces in place to let the world know what I’m doing.

Cool beans!

My Crazy Life

You’re right (whoever you are)! I haven’t done a lot with this blog since I started it. But let’s jump right in.

Roland recently announced a contest that you enter by (among other details) posting a video on YouTube showing yourself playing an original song and utilizing a Roland guitar synth.

My plan for the moment is to work on a new song, using the Roland GR-30 Guitar SYnthesizer and the BOSS RC-50 Loop Station. Depending on how that goes I may get so far as entering the contest. As always, time is the snitch.

I will post my progress here.

Stay tuned.

Getting Down To Business

Time for me to get started on this blog.

Just going over my plans for the moment.

The thrust of this is meant to be music technology. Topics to be covered may include MIDI, computer recording, VST plugin use and abuse, VST plugin creation, programming tools useful in music technology, networking in the home studio, and who’all knows what else.

I plan on having fun with this. I don’t know how far or how fast I’ll go with it, but then we all know how it goes with the best laid plans, anyhow, so I’ll just do what I can.

I will be open to having topics suggested and will try not to always be working on topics I know little or nothing about.

‘Nuff said for the moment. See you soon.